Friday, May 9, 2008

Kick me!

It's been a hard week to feel energized. The studio is foreign to me. I've just been passing thru on my way to and from the back yard. Feed "the Girls," let them in, let them out, get mail, do the laundry.....hmmmmmm.

This week I tweaked a muscle in my back. A cupboard door in the kitchen is loose and the towel bar in the bath is falling off. Uh! It's hard to keep it all up.
My back is better after a visit to the chiropractor. Finally got a new chiropractor up the street rather than one across town. Amazing how one can get bent and rolled and cracked. I got the added experience of getting some electrodes placed on my lower back while I was placed on a machine that massaged and applied heat all at once. Quite the sensory experience
I started to get the itch to go into the studio about 9pm last night. Great timing! Somehow it seemed more sensible to go to bed about 11pm-now I really think something is off with me.

Yesterday my 4th grade teachers informed me that they'll be on a field trip today so they wouldn't be coming to art. What do I do with myself with an extra 90 minutes? So far I've unpacked the art projects from the art show and am going to start sorting the 1st-4th place award winners to place on display near the front office.

Every once in awhile I make my way to the counter and glue down something in my book from Kelly's class last week. Mostly on the blank pages that didn't get painted. I'm determined to make a dent in my piles. Three painted painted paper towels, 2 magazine pages and one painted on scrap paper are now in the book. Progress!
Earlier I'd writen about our excursion to the Chinese Cultural Center and a postcard book I'd bought. It's titled "A Year in Japan" by Kate T. Williamson who spent a year in Japan and recorded some of her visual experiences in watercolor.I picked few of the images to share. The images and colors are beautiful. Enjoy!


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