Tuesday, May 13, 2008

From "Yuck" to "Yum"

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week. Every year we get a little gift from our Superintendant in recognition of all our hard work and effort. This year we found this in our mail boxes:
It has some very nice features like the dividers and I thought it could be pretty useful since I have different papers I'm always trying to keep track of. I'm not too excited about the plastic.
Scrounged around the art room and came across some brown paper that been used as packaging. Took out crayons and texture plates and did some rubbings. Then painted over with washes of acrylic paint.
Mine now looks like this. Much more pleasing to the touch and to the eye. The medallion looking design is another of the Glimmer Mist Stencil experiments on scrap paper.I was doing some housecleaning and going through some markers. A bunch dried up and got tossed. I usually keep the tops/lids. The circle patterns are a combination of three different marker tops stamped with black acrylic paint.

There were some perforations in the brown paper and some of those ended up right on the bottom fold. I'm going to distress some metal tape, color it with alcohol inks and add it to the fold.

A co-worker asked me to alter her folder. I'm envisioning magentas, purples with black. I have some materials in mind to dig out tonight.



  1. I think the superintendent should pay you to alter every teacher's gift!

  2. What a wonderful alteration! Great work! I love it!