Friday, May 16, 2008


Yea, the weekend is here! Not a moment too soon. Had a new teaching experience today. A student threw his project at me. It was on paper but at least I can say it was a newer student to our school. Definitely not acceptable and he was sent straight to the office. Unfortunately, some kids come to our school and are surprised to find out that we're strict here.

It's the end of the year and there's still projects to get done. some of them are pretty tough. Today's project was 4th grade Tesselations. I'm even seeing double at times with this one but we'll be seeing more finished projects in two weeks. Play time comes next month...

Here are a few more pages from my Day by Day book
Paint blotted, paper towel background, magazine images with an overwash of gesso, a scrap of punched, distressed and inked metal tape.
Black/white photocopied doodle. Distress painted background. Blue/orange/green elements cut from a Togo's sandwich shop bag. Portfolio pastels rubbed around squares. The surfers and palm trees make me homesick for Southern California. A drive to beach could always make any day a better one. It's supposed to get to 100 degrees this weekend. A beach trip would be nice.

It's a lot easier to get the Chicklet to agree to a hair cut if we get to eat at Togo's afterward's. It's now part of the hair cut ritual. My usual is a #22-roast beef and avocado. The Chicklet goes for tuna. All that's left for this lay out is a little text and this:This one's a hoot or a MOO, really-
Last page and inside back cover. "los Briefs" came out of our goodie bags in Kelly's class. An updated version of Loteria. Quite funny. I think I found "La Sullen Teen" too. I'll have to save that for when the Chicklet hits her teens, ha!

I'm still looking for one last image to tie these two pages together. Bessie and Betty over to the left are having a conversation about their preferences. Boxers or briefs?

Have a good weekend!


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  1. I remember those "TGIF" days. Thank goodness they are gone forever, for me! Smile.