Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Last Sat. was our second meeting of Heart and Soul of Photography class at Creative Quest. Our homework assignment after the the first class was to take photographes that matched certain moods or themes. Being that it was such a crazy week, I didn't slow down enough to focus on the assignment until Friday afternoon.

The Chicklet left for a Hebrew School retreat that afternoon. I wasn't able to pick her up from school and get her there on time, (thank you, Liz)! But I was able to get there to say goodbye. After the bus left a couple of us stayed behind and I took the opportunity to take some shots of friends and the twins. "Innocence" is one of the twins. I wandered the synogogue grounds and took some pictures of the plants and trees.

I enjoyed looking straight up at the bottle brush trees.
Not sure what this tree is but I liked the lines and textures of the leaves and branches.
Got home and started to look around for other items to photograph for the Scavenger Hunt. At that time of day the best light is in the bathroom so I started to mess around trying to get a "good" picture of me. Had fun with this, actually. Didn't use any of these for the topics though.
Yeah, isn't this pretty much what I'm often doing?
Perhaps this wouldn't qualify as a good pic compositionally but I liked it. I would share it with my friends... I purposely didn't remove or hide the art on the walls behind me. It's the gallery of the Chicklet's art work.

Following are the photos I did take to class and the themes they represent. One or two pics aren't included and I still need to find images for some other themes.







" Words"



  1. I love your pictures! Especially the one on you in the mirror!!!

  2. I loved them all! Awesome photos...they are great.

    Well done!