Saturday, April 19, 2008

'Twas the morning after Passover dinner

The chicklet was the night Owl Friday night. As a result, I woke up pretty early yesterday. Got two BIG gorillas off my back Friday. Papers were filed with Family Court, now it's just about waiting. My panels for the student art show were done and wrapped up, ready to get picked up on Monday morning. It figures that this year, the first time in 12 years that I didn't get them done on time, the guys from district were at my school bright and early in the morning for them... Last year, mine were almost last to get picked up...

Don't ask me why but I got a bug under my bonnet to get the carport swept and cleaned up a bit. Everytime I do, it's usually windy and we get trash and dust. Them trees were blowing in the wind in the afternoon. Timing, it's all about timing. Dare we go get the car washed?

We were the girls about town yesterday. The last of my classes for the Heart and Soul of Photography at Creative Quest took place. I didn't get my photo assignment done. I tried to get some shots done Friday and felt crabby and rushed so I took pictures of whatever I felt like and let the rest of it go. I'll have time to play with the Chicklet later. No rushing!

We ate lunch at European Cafe, next door to Creative Quest with one of my classmates Joanie. She's taken the best photos of her dog Sam. Then we were off to Mystic Paper in Mesa. It was a full house with customers and employees. Got to say hello to Kim and Jennifer and see Ellen and the newbie behind the counter, Mr. Mike Putnam. Good move!

The 7 Gypsies Postcard Holder is now in stock. One found a new home with me! In time we may get a second one for the Chicklet, she likes to pick up postcards where ever we go. My 7 Gypsies ATC holder is full. I'm so thrilled they came out with clear sleeves. Punching holes in ATCs did not sit right with me.

Next stop was Scrapbooks Etc. in Gilbert to meet my gal pal Kelli. I have two boxes in my trunk full of goodies she cleared out of her stash. Adding to my stash......I picked up some cool paper from Graphic 45-Clocks, vintage fruit labels and Stylish 30's fashionistas. I'm a sucker for fruit labels. Might have something to do with so many of them being from my home state, California.
Next stop-home to relax a little bit before heading out to Passover dinner at Leslie's. It was a full house with friends and children. The food was great-I could have rolled home down the hill. Due to the holiday there's no Sunday School. It's a relaxing, beautiful morning.

I promise the Chicklet an excursion later on. Later, I'll have her help me measure our property for the landscape design projects. Been really taking a closer look and taking mental notes when I look at landscaping around town.

This is quite the "catching up" post. Here's a little find from the Sunnyslope Art Walk last weekend. I made it over there for a bit, walked around but didn't get a kick in the pants until I got to the other end. I saw some paintings and clay boxes by Art Smith that were very intriguing. Next to him was Heather Green and her printmaking work and next to her were the ladies who made this little bowl. Melted action figures. I chose the fire fighters thinking I may take it to work with me since our school has strong ties to the Phoenix Fire Dept. I just realized how creepy it is to have melted firefighters..... My critique of the Art Walk-It's great for the neighborhood, great start, keep it growing. Hopefully I'll get my act together and be a vendor some day. A goal to look forward to.

Lastly, about a week ago I mentioned that the cacti blooms at the Desert Botanical Garden were ready to burst. These were taken Monday, with many buds still unopened. I'll check their progress on my way to class tomorrow.


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