Friday, April 25, 2008


Young Artists Exhibition
Desert Sky Mall
Phoenix, AZ
April 22nd-May 6th, 2008

2-D Artwork

3-D Artwork
Bloom Update: Mon. April 21, 2008
The Saguaros are growing buds bigtime! They'll bloom and fruit in May/June

It's that time of year. The days are getting hotter, the Student Art Exhibition is up, we can count the weeks of school left in single digits...

It's still busy, busy, busy! Tomorrow I turn in my pages for a "Winged Things" themed ityy bitty book pages exchange. I'm short 2 "winged things" that I'm using, hmmmmmm. Where do you find fake, plastic flies this time of year?

I was supposed to have a Tupperware gathering on Sunday. Looks like I'm having the Chicklet's cold instead. I have to postpone the date.

Been spending the last couple of nights going through clippings of magazines that have piled up. One of our homework assignments for my desert landscaping class was to create a collage of inspiring images for our landscape designs. I found plenty and have to figure out how I want to present them in a poster format. I have ideas. Very time consuming ideas, lol.

Took photos of my front yard/house last weekend. I printed them out in black and white and am going to play some more on the copy machine. The plan is to get paints and color pencils out and go wild with color-Mexican Style. I love the intense colors of mexican houses. Looks like my free weekend is going to be about a visit to Kinko's and playing with color pencils in bed. Cough, cough, sniffle. Damn cold!
Boy, does this house look dull or what? Imagine flamingo pink walls and cobalt blue trim. It's tempting but I have a blah roof. Those kind of colors are usually found on tiled roofed houses. Aren't you glad you live in an HOA community now?


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  1. Hey there! I think your home has lots of possibilites! A meandering walkway, simple xeriscape plants, a few lovely desert trees in front to help shade. You go girl!!! You have the talent! Its just another form of art!