Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Anything's fair game

I am very fortunate. I work with about 100 teachers and staff members. Some of them think I'm crazy and some indulge me by leaving discarded paper goods, etc. in a box placed outside the art room door. Thank you! This outdated brochure has been sitting in the box for awhile.

Over the last couple of days, I've been thinking about making some kind of business card. This brochure was the perfect weight for the project.

Out came the gesso-can you tell that I really like gesso?

I have 9 tables to work at. Where do I end up? Standing at the counter where I'm close to brushes, paint, sinks, etc.
Blue, teal, green and yellow acylics were mixed, painted, watered down and blotted. Wah la! I still wanted some of the design to show through but didn't want the text to be readable and distracting.
Until I measured a business card yesterday, I hadn't realized that they're only 1/2" shy of an ATC, (Artist Trading Card). Everyone should have a bit of art in their wallet. I say ATC size should be the new standard for business cards! OK, it's not a revolution, just a thought...
I took my cut cards home not sure what I was going to do next.

My studio table was a mess with all kinds of goodies scattered about that needed to find a permanent home. It took awhile to get them put away. I was pretty much out of steam. The plan was to finish up then go to bed early. Then I pulled the cards out and started playing.

One side was stamped with "Mod Garden" by Judikins. "Art Words Ticket Strip" by Invoke Arts was stamped as a bottom border on the other side. A photo copied image was stamped with "PM-Artist" from A Stamp In Hand Co. It reads "Artist in Residence USA" as a post mark. It was circle punched and adhered, leaving room for my contact info.Pretty, huh? I really, really wanted to bring out more goodies to add on but I was trying to keep function in mind so there's nothing that would stick in our desert heat or get caught and break off. It was another late night. So what else is new?

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