Sunday, March 30, 2008

As Promised

Journal cover in progress-the cover was sanded, and gessoed, (if that's a verb). I took some off-white tissue from a recent purchase from Frances in Central Phoenix. (I never walk out of that placed without a bunch of ideas buzzing in my head).

Scrapbook paper was cut, glued to cover the prominent logo. A sliver of left over sb paper was glued along the binding. The cut-outs over the black really brought out the pattern. Love that! The op art pattern is still visible but not in your face. I can live with that now.
I raided my stash where I found the round ArchiTexture stones and glass pebbles. They finally found a perfect home. "Journal" was stamped on the stones. Lastly, holes were added, (gotta love that japanes screw punch), reinforced with eyelets and elastic cord was run thru to hold a pen.Inside front cover. Yea Color! I rifled thru the bag with last weeks' purchases and combined 7 Gypsies, Jenni Bowlin, Anna Griffin and Creative Cafe papers. (Yes, all of these lines have coordinating papers but where's the fun in that)? Next step on this page is to stamp "March 28, 2008," the date for the first entry written in this book.
Pocket page from the previous journal. Lumiere's and acrylic paint was painted, stamped and stenciled on the book pages. A discarded office envelope was cut at an angle and glued on. Some of the texture was created with address labels and dry brushed with paint. The edges were reinforced with misc. tape found at the dollar store.The new pocket page. The pockets were so useful last time, I had to make them again. Note to self: If you don't want to lose something, don't take it out of the pocket and assume you'll find it again. That little lesson was learned after looking for a paper 3 nights straight and prompted some major organizing in the studio.

Played with this page afterschool on Friday. The pockets were made using an envelope that school pictures come in. I wanted to take advantage of the window. The backgrounds are a collection of sb paper remnants, papers colored by pressing onto over painted watercolors and saved paper towels from paint clean ups. I got a little crazy with rubber stamps and brought everything together with some outlining with Sharpies.

This page is a clear indication of my "horror vacui" style. I first learned the term in art school while we studied the Rococco style. It means "fear of empty space." I either go too far or not far enough. My home and classroom are the same way, Tons and tons to look at.

I'm hungry. Been so caught up that I haven't had dinner. Blogging is good for my waistline.



  1. Looks FABULOUS, Marissa! LOVE your header! Can't wait to utilize Mike's expertise on Wednesday!

  2. Love what you've done with your journal so far, Marissa! I haven't commented on your other entries (forgot my log in . . . LOL)

  3. Love the journal, Marissa! Looks good. Awaiting the final piece!