Sunday, March 30, 2008

Breezy Day

Another beautiful day. It's gotton a bit bit windy. It sounds like it's roaring out there but it's just the leaves of the trees blowing around. This time yesterday I sat at the kitchen table doing some collages in my latest journal. I average about 3 monthes per book.

My book of choice? 100 page composition books. Over time others have been used but I keep coming back to the modest composition book. Not to big, not too small and I can carry it in my purse without having to look like I'm carrying a suitcase OR require nightly neck massages.

After 30 years of writing a journal, the lightbulb went on and I figured out how to keep from losing my pens. For the last year I've added a pen holder to the cover. My last journal had pockets added on the first couple of pages for carrying coupons and papers, I pick up here and there.

Fun designs on composition books are easy to find at back to school sales in August. I usually stock up then. I was drawn to the black/white Op art pattern on this book but when I pulled it out I realized my eyes were going to go crazy looking at it. A perfect opportunity to do some collage work. Been playing with it most of the week.

This is the "before" picture. The "after" pics are coming soon.

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