Wednesday, April 2, 2008


For the last 5 years that I've lived in this neighborhood, I've admired these trees as they bloomed each Spring. They're pretty tall-I'm not- and I've never gotten up close to one one until today. Out came the camera. The ground was littered with fallen blooms. I picked up quite a few and am pressing them in a book I had on hand. We'll have to see how they turn out.
This was the other "WOW." I was scheduled to take a class last Sat. with an artist's whose work I saw at the Spanish Market at the Heard Museum last Fall. He exhibited some gorgeous Shrine boxes. Unfortunately, I couldn't work in the other dates his workshop was offered and then this class was cancelled. I plan to be #1 on his list for the next workshop in the Fall.

Expecting that I was going to be on the east side on Sat. I made arrangements to stop at Scrapbooks, Etc., (or as a friend refers to it-Mecca). My friend Kelli, works there an Sat. and it's a great time to pop in when the crowds are elsewhere. Kelli offered to bring me a bag of goodies she was cleaning out from her stash. I take them to school and my kids get some cool stuff to use.
Oh my word, check these goodies out! Wow, thanks Kelli! I've got dibs on some of these. I picked up my first acrylic album last weekend. These transparencies will work perfectly.
The hand written ledger paper, this envelope, the embossed wallpaper and the typewritten pockets are my favorites.

It's a small world. I went to a meeting this afternoon. The lady next to me was saying something about the Sunnyslope Art Walk coming up on April 12th. I asked if she was a participating artist. Nope, she's organizing it. Are you Christine, I asked? Yes, it was her. I recognized her name from community newsletters, etc. I love it when those connections happen out of the blue like that.

April is a busy month. I'm taking 2 classes with Leighanna Light at Frenzy Stamper (There's still room, join me), and a 3 week photography class at Creative Quest.
Although it may not sound like it, I've been cutting back on classes but I'm sure looking forward to these.



  1. The orchid trees are one of my favorites also! I would love to hear more about the artist that does the shrine boxes. I will have to check it out at the Heard. Love your beautiful blog. It is fun seeing everyone's blogs progress!

  2. The flowers are fabulous! So beautiful. Thanks for sharing..

  3. Your blog is great! I loved reading it this morning! Keep up the good work!