Saturday, May 25, 2013

I Like to Wander

 Art work intrigues me the most when there are layers and layers of color, paint, patterns, textures.
 Wandering with my camera last march during Art Detour, I found layers of wear and decay.
Some of us strive to create these looks. Nature and time do it best.

Have you stopped to admire peeling paint lately?


  1. You have a keen eye for art work, Marissa! :-)

  2. LOVE these photos. You have quite a creative eye.

  3. I notice little details too. :)
    I love your eye, Marissa! and it was great meeting you at #LALLBLOG13 :)

  4. Love the door with the steps (I think that's what it is? Please correct me if I'm wrong.) Growing up in New England and then moving to New York, I got to really fall in love with this kind of beautiful decay.