Saturday, April 13, 2013


Hello, friends! We haven't been on any excursions for awhile. The Chick and the K-9s have been keeping me busy on the home front lately. It's time to catch up!
 As you can see from the date, Art Detour in Phoenix has come and gone. Don't despair. I've missed my share of them. Perhaps a decade's worth but it returns next spring and I'll be there.
 Fred Tieken's art was chosen for the official publications representing this year's tour. We have yet to meet but I've been enjoying his energetic art work online.
The event began with Phoenix First Friday. It was a late work night but I dragged the Chick to Grand Avenue to check out the opening for "Tres Cabrones," artists Frank Ybarra, Joe Ray and Gennaro Garcia. I missed out on taking any pictures of their work. Check out the links and enjoy the eye candy. Allow for a few chuckles too!
 One brochure leads to another and I picked them up as I went along. I can pin point other galleries to visit on other occasions when the opportunities arise. I've got to wander the mural tour on 16th Street! But for this night we continued on Grand Ave. One of my regular stops was the Lodge, the studio of Fausto Fernandez. He's now set up shop in LA so all you Angelenos need to visit his studio.
 From high art, to another form of artistic expression. The Mutant Piñata exhibit at Bragg's Pie Factory. This is one crazy variety of piñata inspired art. The space has now been divided in three and it made for a tight squeeze given all the work.
 Anyone have that "Jaws" theme going in their head?
This Phoenix rising was a stunner!
Next day, first stop, Jackson Street Studios. One, I was surprised it hadn't been pushed out and razed with all the downtown revitalization. Two, I was shocked to walk and walk and only find 3 artists studios. Aaahhhhh, but once I did...what treasures.
Linda Ingraham-Shes' been at the Jackson Street Studios since day one.
Her botanical images were my favorites.
We poked around some of her cigar boxes full of goodies. Artist studios are a treasure trove of all kinds of odds and ends. She had a little vignette of some of them here.

Across the hallway is the new studio of artist, Diane Silver. While it's hard to see from these images, these drawings had layers and layers of script. They were spare and beautiful.

 On a opposite wall, these colorful multi-media pieces. I'm a sucker for collage and these were another form of beauty created in layers. I look forward to seeing more of her work.

 Michael Marlowe Studio. I could have sworn I took pics of some of his works. I could have looked at them forever.

This is his set-up for doing just that. Lounge chair with a t-shirt dust cover and duct tape "doilies" on the arms...
I got a late start but had a bit of time to make my way over to The Hive.
This place is buzzing! (Pun intended)! Local art, vintage clothing and art happenings are found here.
The photo doesn't come close to doing justice to this piece by artist, Jeff Slim. This is a paper cut-out/stencil which looked to me to be cut form a 4" x 6" photograph.
Painting/found object art by Michael Hannon
 One last look, a mural on the north wall of The Hive.
Along with the art, there's a lot of cool vintage finds in the store. My mom had a collection of souvenir plates from our travels and gifts from friends and family. After all those trips from LA to TJ, I can't believe we never had one of these! At least we have the memories...


  1. Wow! These are beautiful paintings and pieces of art!

  2. Very creative. I love how different all the pieces were.