Saturday, December 29, 2012

Winter Color

 Having grown up in Southern California and now living in Arizona, I'm used to year around color. Yet, I know that feeling of traveling to another planet when I make the trek to Los Angeles and the world feels very different. For those of you in cold climates, I'd like to share a little bit of color from my garden. Above is our winter blooming Dawes Aloe in front of my bedroom windows.
 Barrel cactus in bloom this past week.
 Ice plant
 Fire stick
 Bouganvillea-San Diego Red
 Dawes Aloe
Popcorn plant-rub the leaves and the oil on your fingers smell like popcorn!


  1. Succulents w/so many flowers- who'd of thunk it? Thanks for sharing the beautiful colors of your world. BB2U

  2. love that you are showing the colors in cacti. :) I especially love the first image with the white and blue house. pretty.


  3. I love the fire stick. Kind of reminds me of my burning bush in the front yard. Thanks for sharing!


  4. I love the various colors if different regions but what I love most is that you showed so many variations of flowers & textures as well. My area isn't so colorful right now with the cold weather, it's something we are not used to locally.

  5. beautiful!! i especially love the vibrant colour of the fire sticks! :)

  6. Love your pictures! My favorite is the Bouganvillea-San Diego Red

  7. These are great shots. The colors of nature are incredible! Nature is just incredible!

  8. I've missed seeing your creative, beautiful blog. I was locked out of the old and didn't know you had this newer version! Happy New Year!