Saturday, December 22, 2012

Last Minute Christmas Shopping

 I was delivering a book this morning and digging out a few others when I got hammered in the head with a reminder to drop my books off at EcoCentricity. Ecocentricity is a local shop in downtown Phoenix focusing on upcycled and/or earth friendly products. I dropped off over 30 Juicy, Yummy and Dude books off. If you missed me at any of this season's vendor fairs, you can still drop by the store and pick one up!
 Don't need one of my journals? How about a woven soda can covered boogie board mirror?
 Dish towel calendar pot holder?
 Hip veggie re-usable bags?
 Mixed media art work?
 Upcycled grocery bag covered journals? I love these!
 an eccentric doll? I have one of my own!
 Lashes to lust after, no?
 Coffee cozys?
 How about some creepy baby doll art?
 Do you give a hoot for paper collage art?
Wine sleeves? Literally!
Some of you have commented on my juice bag. I bought it here!

Ecocentricity is open tomorrow-Sunday from 11am-4pm 
and Monday from 11ish to 3ish.

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