Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Musical Treasures

I moved to Phoenix in 1989. Has it been that long????? Over the years there was lots of talk that we were a cultural backwater. My, have the times changed.
One of our local treasures is the Music Instrument Museum, known as MIM.
  I've visited twice and still haven't seen everything. Does anyone else look at this and think Picasso?
 The MIM is home to musical instruments and costumes from all over the world. Perhaps from out of this world, as well. I wouldn't be surprised to see this one on the History channel in some alien from outer space show.
The 2nd story galleries of the museum are divided by the  regions of the world. Visitors wear head sets and wander from display to display. As one stands in front of the instruments there is a monitor, music from that country or region is heard. The music changes as one moves on to the next display.
I attended an event for educators. We were treated to food and then a flamenco performance in the intimate auditorium. Musicians perform here from all over the world, year around.
We spent the day wandering the galleries. Good walking shoes are required. Taking a break should be factored in in order to not poop out. I've run out of steam during both visits. Didn't get my Wheaties for breakfast...
We started in the Asian gallery. My first visit I rushed through wanting to get to Africa.  This time I slowed down and took it all in. I was enamored by the use of animal imagery from one instrument to another.

I know little about music but studied textile history and costume as part of my textile studies.
As much as the instruments were a treat, the costumes were an added bonus.
Functional art. The grace and beauty of the birds' turned neck. Beautiful sculpture.

 I believe I had an idea to share these images with my students. I was going to use them as a starting point for a project. Typical me, I can't remember what the original idea was. Not to worry. The images lend themselves to many uses.

One last mask from the Asian gallery. I'll continue our tour around the world in Part 2.


  1. I haven't been in months - any new exhibits?

  2. What a fantastic exhibit and I love flamenco too. No doubt you had a blast.

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  5. Fantastic art exhibit. I love how decorative the musical instruments were. My daughter plays the piano & the clarinet so I know we would love to attend something like this. thank you for sharing!!

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