Thursday, August 23, 2012


Grade school in Phoenix is in full swing. We've gone through the rituals of the first days of school- rules, procedures, making sure to get onto the correct bus... The routine is developing. 
Watch out for dolphins! Meet our school mascot.
Every year at this time preparations for our school days start revving up. 
Our school is named after a fallen Phoenix Fire Department firefighter. Every year on his birthday, September 11th, we celebrate heroes in the community and our school spirit with presentations, a parade, visiting speakers from the community and activities out on the playground.
Last years' festivities were extra special as we celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the opening of our school.

Last year instead of choosing one essay per grade level, we selected a variety of 3rd, 4th and 5th grade essays that I bound into a book with handmade covers that I created.
 I was excited to try out this glitter technique for the front cover. I used the same technique to create a mirror image on the back.
 The theme of the essays was, "What makes our school special?"
 Teal and purple are our school colors. I used a variety of scrapbook papers for the page dividers and lettering.
 The books were placed in a time capsule along with other items that will be unvealed in the future.
 The Kinder, 1st and 2nd graders drew pictures that went along with the theme. Here are the covers and page dividers of machine stitched, dolphin shaped tessellations.
 My covers couldn't compare to the images the students created.
  Here's our principal and one of our students. We believe our school rocks!
 "Our school makes me happy because they teach us very much." I love the images of our students at their desks in their classroom. Horse shoe table and teacher at the white board are all in place.
Many students share that our school day is one of the most memorable events of the school year. That's something to celebrate!


  1. I love the school colors too!

  2. Yeah! The colors are lovely! And I looooove the school mascot! I'm a big fan of dolphins! They're so cute! :)

  3. Great ideas, great covers, great Scott- another school year?!?!

    Love your dedication- no wonder the students love being there!


  4. how cute that the mascot is a dolphin! love the school pride and sense of community!