Thursday, March 1, 2012

Please Excuse

...the interruption of our regularly scheduled Ceramic Studio Tour highlights. Tonight's programming is inspired by Phoenix's own Mutant Piñata Exhibition at Bragg's Pie Factory. The public is invited to the first peek tomorrow evening at this month's First Friday tour.

Having seen the show in previous years, I wanted to participate. This year I jumped in head first and had my 5th graders work in teams to create their own mutant piñatas.  Thirteen of our students' pieces will also be on display. It's been a big deal and watching the projects develop has been exciting for everyone. (Maybe not the custodian with the dripped wheat paste on the art room floor but I may bring the dogs next year to lick it up).
Here I am in all my naked glory. If only I had this flat a tummy! This is my paper maché mutant piñata in the making. Each time I demonstrated for my students, I attached one more thing not giving much thought to the end product. Once it was all put together I was inspired to make it into my alter ego/mutant art teacher but she had to get a breast augmentation. My 5th graders noticed the "additions" and got the case of the giggles. A lady has to have her curves, I say... 
My egg carton head started out being painted silver. I was thinking "crown" but it made me look like I had lumpy, gray hair. While that's where I'm headed, I'm not there yet. I went with the blooming Prickly Pear/ Barrel cactus look with an abundance of toothpick thorns. Somewhat of an indication of my crabby personality I joke about but I went with the southwest desert version to tie in my love of gardening.

The eyes... I'd planned them differently but work time was suddenly called to an abrupt halt. Talk about running around in a frenzy.
 Curling ribbon for my hair. Trying to figure out how to do the hair had me wondering. Then I wandered around my storage room and this fit the bill. The kids got the-eyes-on-the-back-of-the-head thing. We usually have them well hidden but it was time to divulge some teacher secrets.
 Art teacher hands. No opposable thumbs but a paint brush thumb isn't so bad... No, that's not polka dotted tape. That's my "bracelet."
I do want to say "thanks" to Kelly Kilmer for her tips on mixing flesh colored paint. Those workshops come in handy:)
The finished project. Got some unexpected swagger.  Well, I have occasionally (dripping sarcasm), been accused of having attitude and my alter ego got some of it too.
 I often feel like Charlie Brown's teacher, "wah, wah, wah." The nose/mouth piece has some screening glued on the end. My personal PA system.


  1. She's awesome, I mean you are awesome, swagger and all!

  2. Wow this is very creative! And all made with easily accessible items! You are truly gifted!