Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sunny and Bright

Fall is in full swing in the desert. This week has snuck back into summer with temperatures in the three digits but the evenings are cool and wonderful!

I've been off for Fall break but I spent two full days at work cleaning up my storage rooms. The fire marshall is coming by this week and I was given the nudge to straighten up. I filled 7 boxes to donate. Threw a few things away and organized. I can see a lot more floor!

I always have a long list of projects to accomplish. Number one on the list: My garden. I had veggies to plant and some spots to fill in.
I had three ice plants here and I looked for something else to replace them. Nothing clicked. I planted two new ice plants and added firesticks.

 These will be the showstoppers come spring time.

I love the layers. Only one thing left to do. Spread wildflowers seeds and see what pops up in March.

Fountain full of herbs. The mint has taken over! I spent a morning pulling roots. They had spread and gone around the fountain about 5 times. We have fresh mint, basil, thyme and newly planted cilantro.

Chimi is quite content being the god of mint.

Something is growing on it's own in the veggie planter. I'm hoping it's zucchini come back to life. In the foreground is a salad mix that went in this week. 

The eggplant continue to grow and grow and grow. The dogs like that. They would help themselves if I let them.

My garden is my refuge and my joy. If you take a close look you can see some agave pups sprouting. Kenny the Sharkskin Agave is having babies again. Three of them. I felt sort of guilty because I ran one over by mistake in my enthusiasm to get rid of some weeds. That baby has broken through the soil again. That makes a dozen agave pups so far this month with another 5 or six in the backyard waiting to get picked.

In the meantime, it's sunny and bright.


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