Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Splendid" Saturday

The exhausting Disney weekend led to a stressful week. The plan was to teach a papermaking workshop for the Chicklet's Girl Scout troop this weekend. Papermaking became too complicated to pull together so I started working on a textile art workshop instead. Seven activities are required to earn an Individual Project badge. I came up against more snafus. It felt like trying to put a round peg in a square hole. Sometimes it's best to take a breather. I did.

While surfing the web, I came across a workshop being offered that evening with Cyndi Coon of Lovely Lula. I signed the Chicklet and myself up for it. Cyndi told us about an event coming up during the weekend.A craft event sponsored by Splendid. Splendid has recently opened a new store at Fashion Square in Scottsdale.We arrived early for the event so we wandered over to the store to check it out. I loved the decor and store displays. Color coordinated origami birds.The outdoor swing against a wall of "groundcover."Beach blue skies to further emphasize the outdoor, beachy feel. The only thing missing was the ocean breeze. The sales ladies were very nice when I asked if I could take pictures. One never knows what kind of a response there will be but the store manager was great.So what is Splendid? They are American manufacturers of apparel made from custom designed, high quality Pima cotton. The Chicklet's favorite was this refreshing, minty, raglan sleeved top.My favorite was this top with the great detailing on the back.Just outside the store they had a Splendid kiosk. Strip after strip of their colorful fabrics hung from rings. Rows are cookie jars full of remnants lined the cart. They offered kits for making these cool necklaces and funky scarves.I really liked the philosophy of putting every last scrap to use. You can visit the kiosk, select your fabrics, attach them with your info on a card. The information gets sent to the company in Los Angeles. Your selections get sewn together. Days later your scarf is ready for pick up. Love this as a great gift idea. The price was reasonable for a custom made item.The Chicklet and I were now excited to make some crafts of our own. The display highlighted some of their signature patterns and colors. We received tickets. One for each activity. Necklace kits...Buttons...and lastly, succulents, which I didn't get around to photographing. They were super cool, little, fabric covered cartons. We selected one of three succulents to place in our carton. We then chose colored glass to place over the soil for a colorful, finished look.

The event filled up and got a little crowded. I'm not good with crowds.Picnic tables were set up so that everyone could work on their craft projects. Our last stop: a cookie and a drink as we said our good-byes to Cindy and made our way to visit Ms. Debbie at Frenzy Stamper.All that running around gave us an appetite. The Chicklet has heard me rave about the yummy sandwiches at 5th and Wine so off we went. We were happy girls. It was indeed a "splendid" Saturday.

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