Friday, June 24, 2011

Disney Adventure

The day finally arrived! The Chicklet's Girl Scout trip to Disney. Eight girls, three adult chaperones and a jam packed schedule. We boarded the bus at 2am Friday morning. The goal was to sleep during the drive but everyone was pretty excited. The sun came up as we entered the Coachella Valley.
How often have I driven past the windmills leaving the Palm Springs area? We had a whole new perspective from the windows of a big tour bus.Day One! Ready to go!Got our tickets! The girls and one adult were given a special tour to learn about physics and some of the rides. While they were off, I met one of my sisters and we wandered around Downtown Disney.Woody says, "Hola!" (Shhh! Don't tell the Red Guy at the Phoenix Art Museum. He seems like the hot-under-the-collar type). For all the running around we do, there is so much to yet to experience. Like getting up close and personal with a giraffe! We had our fun in the Lego store.Lynn introduced me to these yummy pastries. But can I remember what they're called? Nope... but there sure tasted real good with a BIG cup of coffee.Our first day was a whirlwind running around between California Adventure and Disneyland. Our last event for the evening, the World of Color water show. You think you've seen it all but then you find yourself, awed, jaw dropped, amazed. It was a looooooooooong day but listening to the Chicklet ooohing and awwing, that was the best.We stayed at the Disney California Grand Hotel. It was a Craftman's/Art Noveau styled dream. From the architecture, to the art, to the Japanese inspired gardens, it was a beautiful treat. Our stay was lightning quick and I realized I took too few pictures on the first day.Our family grew up visiting Disneyland on a yearly basis. Our visits always included Mickey Mouse pancakes near the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. This time we were treated to Mickey waffles as we got to meet some of our favorite characters. Day two begins!I told the Chicklet we were going to be having breakfast with Chip and Dale. She gasped at the audacity. She heard me say, "Chippendales." Hahahahahahahahah...After our delightful breakfast, we headed off to the Ariel ride.More ooohing and awwing from this rough bunch.What caught my eye? These cool plants surrounding the landscaping outside this ride. No detail is left untouched. Could you imagine being on the landscape design team for Disney?We soared over California.You can take the girl out of California but you can't take California out of me. My heart soared as well as we experienced views from all over my home state.A good way to beat the heat. Get wet! If you're gonna walk around with wet undies, this is the best way to get them...The Toy soldiers were on patrol. No better way to wip some Girl Scouts into shape.
Back to Disney!
Cup of tweens, anyone?
Don't tell Freia and Maica that we were hanging out with this pooch!I'm a sucker for "A Small World." Believe me, it's not for the music. As we waited in line, I got to wondering, how much of being exposed to Disneyland has been seared into my brain since childhood? It's not all about the rides, the visual experience is 90% of the adventure.From the shape and volume of the the colors, upon patterns, upon layers of each display. I left with the warm and fuzzies...

We rode the Finding Nemo submarine ride. The Chicklet was so excited to see all her Barrier Reef buddies. She gets plenty of me, (and then some), at home. She's gotten to THAT age... Anytime I sat next to her was a treat. I could hear all of her reactions. I'd have to say, that gave me the greatest pleasure.With all the walking over the two days, the Chicklet was in the mood for a drive. Three of us went on Autotopia. It was hilarious. I brang up the rear. I also take the "no bumping" signs as a suggestion... I restrained myself quite well. We did well enough to earn our Disney driver's license. A first for both of us!

Day two with little or no sleep, eating on the run, lost tickets, makes for some major crankiness. While it was sweet, it was also draining. The Chicklet had a blast. I'll try most anything once. Next year I'll give some other mom the pleasure of the experience...
One last rush to buy souvenirs before getting on the bus at midnight for the drive home.

Minnie and I both have our work cut out for us this summer. It was good to be back at the ranch.Hope you enjoyed our trip to Disney. Hopefully, you won't need a day of sleep to recover!

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  1. This adventure looks wonderful to me but I am Disney Lover. Thanks for sharing.