Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Had to Laugh

We were on our way home from Mesa on Monday. I took a little detour and stopped at the nursery that was on our way home. I was looking for replacements ice plants. They only had them in yellow and purple. We have enough yellow blooms in the yard and purple isn't allowed. I did find these. Rows of desert marigolds. Where were they the last year and the year before that when I was trying to replace the ones that didn't survive in my garden? Humph! I had to laugh about it. Once I stopped looking, here they were!

I got smart. Last fall I took the dried out desert marigolds heads, crushed them and sprinkled them all over. I now have an abundance of desert marigolds sprouting all over the garden. It worked! I am babying my little newbies and checking on them like a helicopter mom. About four of them have flowered. A few will be transplanted to other locations. It's nice having some success in the garden after such loss from the hard freeze.Also from the nursery. Citrus blooms.
Aloes in bloom. Bee-u-tee-ful!!! Some of mine are blooming as well but they're not putting on this much of a show. Who would have thought I was going to fall in love with aloes in agaves as much as I have?



  1. Isn't that just typical...stop looking and there it is...Enjoy that wonderful landscape you put in ..what was it ? Two years back we got to see the progress!

  2. Enjoy following you on your yard adventures. We lost everything in our yard this year. Oh well. Back to square one. Wishing you the best Marissa.