Friday, March 18, 2011

Gifts From Far Away

Twins! My car procreated overnight and now we have two green Hondas in my driveway!

It turns out that one of these cars has Colorado plates. My buddy Esteban is in town!Esteban and I met in English class in high school and we have been friends ever since. He lives in Colorado now and comes through Phoenix on his way to LA.

He arrived yesterday and we already enjoyed a warm spring evening on the patio, drinking beer and getting caught up.

The Chicklet was meeting with a friend to see a movie today. Esteban and I went and had brunch at one of my favorite hole-in-the-wall haunts, Harlow's Cafe in Tempe. From there we headed over to Tempe Town Lake and had a nice walk.

We walked around the Tempe Center for the Arts and discovered some new facts about the building. Now I'm thinking I should have taken some pics representing these discoveries, duh...
Ok, this one left me speechless. I recently reconnected to a fellow exchange student on Facebook. She mentioned a delivery arriving today but bubble brain here was thinking US Postal Service. We were getting ready to leave and a car pulls up in front of my house. A man I didn't know walks up to me, asks if I'm Marissa and says he's delivering this from Michelle in Colorado. It was her husband... It's Colorado Days at our house this week!

Michelle and I were in western Norway in 1980-81. I peeked into the bag and started pulling out goodies. Voss water... I lived and went to school in Voss in '81-'82. Did she know that? Waffle mix, yum. I should go out an buy some berries for breakfast tomorrow...
Firkløver chocolate!!!! Heaven!!!

It seems Michelle has a Norwegian connection in her part of Colorado. Wow, this week has brought some very special gifts.

Chimi wanted to be in the picture. He's happy holding down the fort in the herb fountain. Good thing he doesn't eat chocolate because he's not getting any.


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  1. Sounds like you had a great day today! Any chance I can stop by & pick up the 'pup' tomorrow afternoon? The P**** People are going to a spring training game & I choose not to watch strange fat, old men naked from the waist up drink n belch their beers while watching bb in the hot sun...