Monday, November 1, 2010

Pixels, hmmmm....

Hi there! Miss me? I miss me too! I miss blogging. i miss having something to say because lately, I don't feel like i have much to share. I do. I'm just not getting it together. Hmmmm...

Do you feel like you're seeing triplets? I'm trying something out. I'm going to submit my artwork to be a vendor at an upcoming local craft fair. It's very well regarded.

Part of the criteria is submitting images of a certain size. I'm quite good with taking the photographes but once they're on the computer I'm clueless about pixel size, dpi, and the other guidelines given. I understand what the terms mean but not how they apply to my actual photograhes. So this is where I'm conducting an experiment.

Each photo was taken with a different option on my camera. "Fine," Standar," or "Raw jpeg."
Gotta go! My next class is here and I can hear them bumping on the walls.


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