Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Taste of Japan

The Chicklet has been wanting to go to the Arizona Museum for Youth to see the Jump to Japan exhibit. We went on Sunday, the first Sunday of the month. Mesa has free admission to their museums on the first Sunday of the month so we expected it to be crowded. Boy, was it!A little store. Lots of fun, colorful stuff. It was meant to show some of the toys, comics, and characters that Japan is known for.
The Chicklet has almost outgrown children's museums. There was no way she was going to fit in one of these cute kimonos.There were different areas of Japanese culture to explore. Hand painted scrolls.A creature to hang out with while waiting for the bus.Helloo! I'm driving a cat! I must be going pretty fast, I'm a bit of a blur.

The exhibition ends this coming weekend. Take your kids or grandkids but the museum closes at 4pm! We tried going a month ago thinking they closed at 5pm and there was only 20 minutes left before closing.These caught my eye. "Gyotaku," Japanese fish printing. I picked up a vocabulary card for this very technique last month at the Arizona Art Education Association State Conference.Fish in motion, fun! Fish are inked and then a print is pulled showing off the textures and features of the fish. I was telling my 3rd graders about this exhibition and I remembered that I have some rubber fish made to explore this technique. I went fishing in the storage room and pulled out a set of fish, another of insects and one of leaves.

Third grade has only 3 more classes in Art before Fall break so I think we could have some fun pulling prints and combining it with a color lesson too. We finished a very intense unit of drawings of flowers and watercolor painting.Flowers and fish. My 3rd graders should be nature experts!

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  1. Cats are VERY fast ... no wonder you were a bit of a blur!! Hahahaaaaa!!