Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lazy Day

It's Saturday. There's nowhere we need to be. Nothing we have to do. It's a lazy day. My first week of school is over. The Chicklet finished her second.

There's always work to be done, at home, at work... The first week of work is always an energy sapper. Air conditioning makes desert living bearable. Unfortunately, at work, the unit that services my art room seems to suck in all the humidity from outside. I brought a fan from home which helped a lot. Then the fan broke :( I have another one in the garage that's going to work with me on Monday!

There was some Ex miscommunication and then some Chicklet happenings that had my after school work time cut short this week. The thing with the Ex was stupid and the happening with the Chicklet was a blessing. My kid is growing up. She's been picking on me this week by making the comment that she has to lean over to give me a hug. What a booger! She's only a inch taller than me, so far!I realized that I haven't taken one picture of one thing all week. I visited my photo library to find some from that last few weeks that I missed sharing.

We had some actual weather to report earlier in the month. Overcast skies, cool breezes coming in through my window. Rain! It doesn't linger but it makes for a refreshing change.There was a super cool rain shower. I mean shower! I had stopped by Frenzy Stamper to pick up some new mags. Get a load of this great shirt.Then it just came pouring down. The horses took a shower. Looks like they're running out of the rain... The big window of the store looks out over the horse fountain. It makes for some interesting people watching.OK. I need some color. Spica pens. Every color, if I'm not mistaken. I bought one of each a few months back. They have real glass in the ink that creates the sparkle. They're fun!Ms. Debbie carries Copic pens in the store. Now Ms. Debbie has a full tower with every color of Copic pen!!! For all you Copic pen aficionados, check them out. Check out the classes too!

More color... I was on my way somewhere but had to double back to take a pic.Palm trees were being trimmed, the branches were piled on the ground like a visual offering. I fell in love with the bright, bright greens and textures. By the time I came through again an hour later, the piles were gone. Seize the moment!

Trimming palm trees reminds me of getting ready for the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. First comes the High Holidays. My new year comes this time of year. This always seems a good time for it. School starts, the season changes... In about another month for us in the Sonoran Desert. New beginnings. Wiping the slate clean. Something to look forward to.

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