Wednesday, July 28, 2010

¡Ay Melones!

Freia wanted her share of the spotlight... Here's my little swimmer! What does she think about my melons? She loves them. Freia joined the family after my mom passed away. Otherwise she would have experienced eating sandia on the porch of my parents house on summer afternoons in LA. That porch... It was my favorite place in our home. We'd spit the sandia seeds and eventually the porch would get hosed down. Weeks later we'd have plants sprouting from the planter below. We never grew melons. Must have pulled them out.

That's not the case at "Casita...," (oh yeah, don't want to throw our last name out there). Here's our planter as of last Friday. The vines are cascading over the planter and onto the yard. Let them!Whoo hoo! Getting bigger! I remember saving all the cantaloupe seeds and cleaning them, drying them out and saving them. Mom was always game when I wanted to gather stuff for artmaking. Dad remains skeptical to this day, "hay tu sabes..." is what I usually get. Translation: "You know what you're doing..."

Dad had a garden for awhile. He would be gone, no Dodgers game on the TV. Where was he? Tending his garden. I would always try and beat him to the fresh strawberries :D Karma got me this summer. I didn't have any success with strawberries.My watermelon/sandia. It's about the size of a tennis ball. Oh yum! Can't wait to see what happens.Here's our pickings from last week. I'm having to learn new recipes. Haven't had to buy cucumbers since June...These aren't edible but I like the way the light comes through the pods hanging from the Feather Bush tree. I realized I have to duck to walk underneath the tree. At 5' 1" I guess that means the tree needs trimming.

Speaking of height... I'm getting to be the shrimp in the family. The Chicklet needed to have some immunizations updated by the end of this month. When could we get in to see the doctor? The end of August!I called and was able to get in after a cancellation. The Chicklet is officially 5'2". She's my little weed.

I'm still quicker and was able to keep her from getting the camera and deleting this photo. She's been getting harder to photograph. I wonder why. I'm not using the exposed tush shot!

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