Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Summer break has begun but I'm still partly in school mode. Went back yesterday and worked on scheduling for next year. The next big task is cleaning and re-organizing the art room. My collection of recyclables has exploded this year with materials for my "Juicy books."

Every Summer I have big plans for cleaning out, re-organizing, etc. then the heat gets to me or I get overwhelmed by the abundance and before I know it, it's time to go back to work. Some things are different this Summer. I really think I can make some headway.

I've spent the last couple of months out of the studio. I set up some space in the carport to do clay work. I took apart a computer hutch I was going to toss due to water damage and tucked into a corner. I covered it with some outdoor cloth and vinyl and it's a potting/clay work bench.

I have a big batch of clay pieces to glaze. This is my second group of clay pieces for garden sculptures and I hope to have worked out some of the kinks I encountered in the first batch.

Earlier in May, the Chicklet and I finally made our way to the Deer Valley Rock Art Center on the north side of town. It's one of those hidden treasures we'd never been to. We came across a Javalina themed art exhibition, a Native American garden, a petroglyph scavenger hunt and some beautiful vistas. Very inspiring!

I had some photos to share. Finally!!! But Blogger keeps telling me I have a "bad request" and it's time to get moving this morning. I'll wrestle with the pics later. Have a great day!


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