Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A little of this, a little of that

Hellooooooo out there. I'm going to blame my lack of blogging on Facebook. It's been real easy to write a line or two on FB and then go about my business. I haven't been in the studio much. I have been out in the yard, either with the dogs in the backyard or in the front, pulling weeds, enjoying the weather...

This funny looking tree greets me every morning as I pull into the parking lot at work. All leaves on the bottom half, all oranges on the top. Weirdest orange tree I can remember seeing.There has been a little work going on in the studio. Oops! Wrong side, all these bottle caps, all these beers. We found a bartender that saved all the bottle caps for a few weeks for us. These show a lot of glare but each bottle cap has been filled with seed beads and a few have sequins too. They can be used as embellishments, magnets, pins... I love bright colors but orange????? Haven't been much of a fan. Lately, I find myself being drawn to orange more and more. I went with red Ice plant in my garden but I saw this one in bloom last weekend. I'm in love...
Cape Aloe Vera. Not on the design plan and then I received some cuttings from a friend. Some of the cuttings went into planters and the biggest one went in the garden. There's one spot along a 6' stretch along the blue wall that bugs me. It's pretty barren with nothing nearby to fill the space as it grows and matures. The aloe is there now and I'm imagining what it will look like as it grows with the orange blooms against the cobalt blue.
I spent Sunday morning wandering nurseries. I was leaving and found this cactus in full bloom. There's more to admire but it's hard to get this close at the botanical garden. Absolutely brilliant color.Blooming citrus trees. Oh, the fragrance! While many of my friends have allergies and have negative reactions, I can walk right up to these blooms, stick my nose up close and breathe in.This is just plain pretty, pretty, pretty!Mary Ann Moss has been getting close up on her blog. How fun and inspiring!


  1. Really like the bottle caps -both sides- although beer is not my favorite -- will take red wine anyday. However, filled with all that glamour - even beer looks heavenly.
    Enjoy your time with the chicklet today on the girl scout stuff. I am off to baseball tryouts for Chandler. Wasn't going but realized watching his tryouts is much more important than spring cleaning or anything else I would be doing at home!
    Also, like your idea of looking at all YoUr journals. They deserve to be seen!

  2. love what you did with the bottlecaps ... and the orange tree is a HOOT!!


  3. I'm absolutely in love with your flower photos. You do such great work!