Friday, February 19, 2010

Getting Spiritual

There's been a lot of creating lately. Lots of workshops, inspiration, ideas floating around... Has it already been 3 weeks since Kelly Kilmer was in town? Wow....

I've shared my taped journal. The crazy thing is, I didn't have any wild expectations about that workshop and it sure was a kick in the pants. Amazing!
My second workshop that weekend was the "Spirit Journal." The cover is painted canvas. I planned ahead of time to make mine with beads on the binding. I absolutely, positively am nuts over beaded bindings. Someday I may grow out of it but not yet. I have many more in me.

We painted and applied layers of color. Stencils were everywhere. Stencils are a current obsession of mine.I limited my color palette to whatever colors I had at hand without using any more paint. The colors aren't my absolute favorites. A lot is going to have to change before I'm pleased but that won't be hard to accomplish.Adding tape has already begun to bring the pages to a different level.Amazing what a little bit of tape can do. The tranluscency of masking tape does wonders. Again, I limited the number I tapes I used, repeating the patterns/designs within the book.Dragonfly stencil from Tattered Angels. The circular pattern came from a bubble blowing toy that's been laying around the house for awhile. I carefully clipped off the handle and it's now living in my stencil bag.The circular floral stencil is a laser cut, felt, coaster found at a local, big box, craft store. Four for a dollar. I bought four different designs and was able to share these little goodies with friends.

I have been on a new path of late. Trying to open myself to new ideas and ways of seeing things. Letting go of the things I have no control over... Life hasn't been a picnic but I still believe I am extremely fortunate.

I'm recording my journey in another journal. I'm setting this one aside to focus on the many things I am grateful for. I got somewhat sidetracked with all the stuff with RV Guy but I'll be back on track soon enough.

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