Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I love to watch my girls spooning and sleeping together every night. Maica is still leashed at night. It prevents any midnight wrestling matches with the trash can or counter surfing in the kitchen.

I don't ever remember my dreams when I wake up. This weekend I woke up from very vivid dreams. So vivid that I still remember them now, feel them now. They threw me off as I started the week.

We had weather last week. I could enjoy it because I didn't need to cringe at the thought of flooding in the carport. The water is draining exactly as we planned for. My only regret is that I didn't distribute wildflower seeds in the fall. The more rain we get, the better the bloom in the Spring.For the second time since it opened Tempe Town "Lake" has had to release water into the river bed to alleviate the high levels of water in two of the reservoirs upstream.The Chicklet and I made our way to the roof cocktail lounge in the Tempe Center for the Arts building. There's an over hanging balcony with a great view og the lake and the Salt River.The rain cleared but it was cool and breezy for us desert dwellers.Behind me is the lake's edge. The rubber bladders have been deflated to let the water release into the river bed. The water ran brown as opposed to the usual green of the lake. I took a little detour to Scottsdale on my own to check out an art installation. I enjoyed some found art compositions on the ground.
I like them all but I think the last two art my favorites.Ok, a little in the aftermath of the fire across the street. This is either as a result of or in spite of the fire. Found this little pamphlet waiting for us when we got home last week. Check your homeowner's insurance folks!

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