Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I know I had a plan of what I was going to do in the studio tonight. I can't remember what it was... I might have too many projects going at once.

We spent a couple of hours at school today. I showed the Chicklet how to cut out a pattern, lay the fabric out, pin and cut out the fabric for her pajamas. She did good. Next, I want to get her working on the sewing machine. Might be something we can do on Christmas Day.I was also able to spread out, layer and trim some fabric for some fun scarves I'm making as gifts. I might end up with one or two myself. 'Need a little bit of color besides my basic black and black and more black.I wanted to quickly get one more thing done before leaving the spaciousness of the classroom.
Slap some paint around for the background of my chunky pages! The canvas was spread out and white paint was haphazardly brushed onto it. Did some splattering too. Not sure if it was a good idea, there's a lot more layers to add on but I used some letter stencils and spackle. Lets see if the spackle holds up to the paint that gets added later.A roll of this woven bamboo wallpaper was calling me. I thought I'd try the same techniques on it. Everything will be good and dry when school resumes. Being such big pieces, my goal is to add a layer a day. It's the drying time that is going to challenge my patience the most.


  1. Glad you are teaching the chicklet how to sew. Sewing has brought me much pleasure over the years. Must admit though, some frustration as well. I need to take a fitting class. These days most of my sewing skills are used for embellishing and decorative items, neither of which require fitting!

  2. My sewing machines sew more paper than fabric these days.Hopefully we'll change that. I'm in cleaning mode and might unearth some room in the sewing studio.