Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mmm, Mmm, Good Books!

Some very happy bookmakers! I wonder if any of these books ended up under someone's Christmas tree?I've taught my Yummy, Juicy Books class at Frenzy Stamper this Fall.Teaching adults sure is different from teaching children. I have to change my whole repoitoire. Booger jokes just don't have the same affect...
I love the colors and stylized cow of this Horizon Organic Milk carton. I went out and bought a carton of milk even though I usually get mine at Costco.Speaking of Costco, that's where this box came from. Sometimes the folks handing out samples have empties and they've been very nice and shared some.This was one of two books made from this carton. It's on the itty bitty side and adorable! The best part of workshops is having an idea taken in a direction that you've never thought of before.From small to full size. Worked on this one as the class sample. Ms. Debbie is koo koo for Johnny Depp-see him on the bottom right hand corner?These two books were produced two weeks ago. I wasn't sure about making a kit using the pizza stone box but it turned out to be such a cool and fun book.The checkered paper was a last minute discovery as I was digging in the studio. This book is to be the new home for family recipes. The box was big enough to get 4 sets of covers so there's still more to be made.

I love turning the pages after the books are finished. You never know what you'll find on the next page.


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