Saturday, December 12, 2009

Attempt Foiled

It was bound to happen. My luck ran out and someone attempted to break into our house this week. Perhaps someone walked by. Perhaps the dogs barked. Perhaps they figured it wasn't worth the effort but they weren't successful. We drove up and noticed right away that things had been moved around in our carport.

With it getting dark so early, we didn't know if the break in had been successful so we called 911 and we were advised to wait until the police arrived before entering the house. It took awhile for them to get here. I was glad to have a blanket in the car...

The police arrived. They entered the house with guns drawn. It was an image worth taking pictures of-cops in my house with guns pointed... The camera stayed in it's case. The image is seared in my brain anyway. The Chicklet was this side of freaked.They tried getting in through the laundry room. They tried getting through the side gate. Both would have lead them to crossing paths with the dogs. Thank g-d the dogs were OK.

We were lucky and I felt very fortunate. I thought I was OK with the whole thing but woke up in the middle of the night from bad dreams of coming face to face with someone trying to break in.

I must take solace in the fact that had they made it passed the dogs and come in from the back yard, the thief would have killed himself tripping over the chaos in the studio. The dogs would have had some fresh bones to chew on...


  1. Glad you are safe...that is very scary. We've had lots of break ins in our neighborhood lately. Very sad and scary.

  2. Marissa,
    So sorry this happened to you. It is why I have an alarm system. It gives me a little piece of mind at night. It is well worth the money, to me. I should post about what happened to me the other night of the storm though. Oh my. I also have a story about cops being in my house with drawn guns. You need to hear it. I totally "get" the image in your head. I hope everything goes smoother for you this coming week. I know it must have been very unsettling, to say the least.