Thursday, October 15, 2009

(This) Girl(s) Just Wants to....

.....move on!

Bubble head moi left all of my class lists, seating charts, grade sheets and 2-d projects at school last night when I'd planned on going through them. Half of my grades would have been done if I'd had them with me. Today has been a bit of a scramble. Even with a half day, it's still been stressful BUT do-able.

At some point I realized that I didn't know where my cell phone was and I called myself. Found it! I also found that I had a text. From the ex BF, no less. WTF?

"Hi, had a friendly favor to ask. What's the name/number of the hair place you took me to? My hair is getting long and crazy and I got some......."

WTF?! I already said that, didn't I? I was so ready to keep my mouth shut but I couldn't believe the gall. I texted back: "I'm up to my neck in grades. Please refer your questions to your GF. My girlfriend duties ended on Sat. Try Supercuts." (I thought that was pretty good. Bitchy but appropriate). He shot back a "Thanks for nothing...yada, yada, yada....." He had the nerve to get angry at me????????

I picked up my phone and called him to set him straight. He answered but then we got cut off because my classroom is such a black hole but I tried again on my school phone. He seemed surprised taht it was me. After I told him he had nerve to text me and get pissed at me he was all, it's not a big deal, I was only asking a question.... I asked him to leave me alone and honor my request of not contacting me. If he wasn't going to respect me and apologize for his behavior, then he needed to leave me alone. He was on the other end but he wasn't. I could feel that he'd shut down and couldn't take in anything I'd said. Wow....I wished him all the luck in the world and hung up.

It's the first time I'd heard his voice since Friday. Everything started to hurt all over again.

I could start drinking to dull the ache. Indulge in something else perhaps? Nope. Got all the grading done I needed to do here. I get a rush when I see the cool stuff my kids have created. Some of the work is on display now. The glass is clean from a lot of elbow grease too...

It's time to head out of here. I'm driving with a realllllly fierce sound system. The last couple of days there's been plenty of Green day, Oingo Boingo, Social Distortion, playing to match my feisty mood. I may have to roll up the windows and belt out a good yell while I'm driving.
Watch out! (I'll be east bound on Bethany Home). LOL!


  1. Thank god for grade charts, though they are a pain they are still better then stupid ex'es! You go girl!! Hugs from another grade-chart-worker :)

  2. Skjikkelig dumming, huh? That's the extent of my badmouthing på norsk. Can I call him tosk...torsk...? Did I just call him a cod? ;}

  3. Well I guess both tosk (fool) and torsk (cod) are adequat in this case ;)

  4. he is an a-hole and doesn't deserve ANY thoughts from you. HOWVER, you should NEVER have read the text from him, let alone replied. Just hit delete next time and call me ...