Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Hellllloooooooooo out there................ My Internet has been down at home. Humph! Would you believe the timing?! I actually have a bunch of stuff to blog about.

We couldn't resolve the issue over the phone so I have an appointment with the Cox guy to show up this evening. Estimated arrival time: 7:54pm.

Let's hope that gives me enough time to-
*Help out the Music teacher to escort her chorus students out to the buses.
*Make my way to pick up the Chicklet and her "Frenemy" from Hebrew school
*Get the "Frenemy" home and have a Pow Wow with us moms and the girls to see if we can straighten out the "girl drama."
*Get home in time for the Cox appointment.
*What about dinner??????

I've come down with a bug. Wonton soup from Stix is sounding very good right now.


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