Saturday, June 27, 2009

Moving Along

Pictures should be posted in the coming week. I think I have the whole thing figured out...Maybe! LOL... My camera is at school. We're separated...the horror!

Yep, there'll be lots of catching up to do. Did some more beeswax collages under the tutelage of Mike Putman at Mystic Paper last weekend. Miz Kim made a little comment on her blog because I wasn't hanging on Mr. Mike's every word. Hey, I was excited to get going! Mr. Mike knew I had a plan and he didn't mind. I love his techniques and this time I had a little forethought and brought some images from home.

Before I knew it, I took a turn in the direction of the ocean and made 2 beach themed collages of the Chicklet. The crazy thing is I went to pick some stamps to take with me and made a conscious decision not to take my ocean themed stamps, huh? Work with what you have and I did. Now if only I hadn't made one collage upside down...

Next to share: A white, garden themed book with Carol Wingert. Whenever I can, I try and take a class with Carol. Her book kits are full of treasures but half the fun of putting them together is the camaraderie found in a class. The book is a bit stark white for me in places but I'm working on it at home.

The Chicklet finished up her week at Girl Scout Day Camp. Fun was had by all. Swimming everyday, fun activities, great companions and Camp counselors-she earned 3 badges!

We have another Girl Scout activity today and then some swimming later. She has a better tan than I do. I'm trying to keep up. My tanning method? Swimming. Laying in the sun isn't for me but being in the water is. I swear we have fins....

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