Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Today's Forecast

Crabby! That would be me. Spent the day home and in bed with a cold yesterday. Today was back to work but big classes and talkative 4th graders....Ugh! Note to self: Do not take Sudafed on an empty stomach.
The highlight of the day. Can you tell which one is the Wayne Thiebaud picture? My 4th graders finished their paintings today. It took a lot of steps. More than a few students probably want to wring my neck. That's ok. We have 3 more classes before we're done for the year. I'm going to see if I can squeeze in one more lesson.
Enough talk about torturing my students. Get a load of these itty bitty books. (That's the camera lens in the forground for size reference). I made 3 of these Sat. evening in Kelly Kilmer's "Swatches" class. The other 3 were put together in the few minutes before we started Sunday's class.They're quick and easy to make. It's a great way to use up little odds and ends of paper scraps. Like I don't save enough crap! The red cover for this book is some type of paper I pulled out of a refridgerator at Costco. It's used between the cartons of milk and has a dotted texture to it. Of course I had to take a piece and see if it would absorb paint. It sure did.This was a quick lay-out we made in class using Kelly's prompts.
The negative left from cutting out the quail was used here. I actually like this one better. Rows of decorative tape was layered over both pages. I came home with more decorative tape, the stuff is addicting!
Sunday's class-A refurbished book. We added hand cut, hand painted pages sewn into a hand painted, canvas spine.
Here's a glimpse of painted pages and more decorative tape. It's a visual journal ready to go. What is it about books? I can't make enough of them. Can't keep my hands off them...


  1. LOVE your books, Marissa!! It was GREAT to see you!! Hope you are feeling better!!!!

  2. These are wonderful; Kelly is such an awesome teacher, isn't she? Now, you've got my fingers itching to make more books!

  3. Wonderful books Marissa!! I love the crab to ;) We are of to Nedstrand tomorrow to see mamma. Will follow your creativity again next week. Ciao!

  4. Sending you wishes for feeling as great as your little books look! It was so good to see you at Mystic Paper!