Thursday, May 28, 2009


Oh yeah, Freia's done. She's on the floor next to me, snoring big ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ... Crazy pooch!

One week left of school so that's not done but grades are. Relief! Paper work, not my favorite. Grades took even longer because that blasted cold from last week kept me out of whack waaaaaay longer than I would of thought. I'm still hacking but at least my appetite is back.

Not too many adventures to share. I've been digging. My classroom is just this side of an archeological dig. Piles of artwork have been returned to students. They've been, (strongly), encouraged to hang their art projects up at home. That must be the sounds of hammers being heard all over west Phoenix...

I've fallen in love more than a couple of times this week with fun, colorful, creative projects made by my kiddos. Today I heard that one of my former students wants to study interior design. Exciting!!!! Then I heard that a fair share of our former students go to the local technical high school. Too cool!!!!! I hope that they have a good foundation based on all the goodies we taught them.

My Norwegian sister sent me a comment right before heading out to Nedstrand, a little coastal village where my host mom is from. For a moment I was back in Nedstrand, July 1980, meeting a part of my new "extended family" for the first time. Never would I have imagined that it was the beginning of an experience that would shape everything I was to do from then on. My idea of paradise is Norway. Drop me off on the fjords anytime!

The Chicklet has decided she's going to attend college in Paris. Funny, a few years ago she was sure she wanted to attend Arizona State. ASU is one of my alma maters but I'd like to encourage her to experience somewhere different than Phoenix. Expand her horizons. Paris is long as there's a couch for when mom comes to visit!

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