Saturday, May 9, 2009

Quiet Blog

Do you know me? So sorry to be AWOL. Not a lot going out outside of work and parenting. Fell asleep with the light and TV on last night... Even the dogs are missing me... Miss them too but not the shedding fur. Miss Carmen turned 15 this week. Let's hear it for mutts!

Oh boy, it's way past midnight and I have some required reading to do. I'll be attending a writing/journaling workshop with author SARK. It should be an interesting crowd. It won't be my usual fellow mixed media art pals. I'll be outta my box. In a good way. A good outcome is expected.

Joined Facebook this week. A friend recommended it as a good way to find former classmates, etc. It'll actually keep me in better touch with local friends but I did find one of my host brothers form my exchange student experience almost 30 years ago. Geez! It's been that long? No wonder my Norwegian stinks!I wasn't going to write at length tonight but just had to add some pics. The Chicklet's name was picked and she won free tickets to a Suns game. Turns out we were double book and she couldn't go but we have the event documented. Two weeks of school left for her. She moves onto middle school next year. Time flies.

Time heals too. I ventured out of my comfort zone and tried my hand at romance again. What a mess. There's a reason I stopped dating and this was a big reminder. It's taken a month to get back in art mode.

I have some home grown projects I'm working on. I'll share soon.
Good night,


  1. Love the caterpillar picture ;)

    Congrats to the Chicklet!


  2. I love checking your blog. You are such an artist! ;-) Creative and fun and revealing! Go MV!
    I can't believe your daughter is going into JR High!