Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'm a Succulent Wild Woman!

How can you walk by a book titled, "Eat Mangoes Naked" and not have it catch your eye? Or spark your curiousity?

Yesterday I joined 30 other writing enthusiasts at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe for an all day workshop with SARK.
Here I am with SARK. What a Succulent Wild Woman she is! The laughter and the inspiration flowing through the room can barely be described. I'm not that eloquent. Wow! I was floored by the writing ability of many of the participants. There were other artists there and and although it was a writing workshop, words play such a strong influence in my work that it was a no brainer.

As soon as a few people read some of their writing, I thought, "Yikes, there's no way I compare." But then I let go of it and enjoyed the rest of the day. We did some very insightful exercises. More than a few of them left me scratching my head. How did they know that? Where did that come from? How come I didn't think of that sooner? It was amazing how much could be felt in a day, how much could be squeezed in a day, how much thought could go on in such a short period.

I'm not a SARK groupie but I love her message. I bought one of her books a year or so ago when I heard about it somewhere. My second purchase was on Friday night right before the class. More will be added to our library with time.

This week was stressful. Life is stressful in general and life goes on but I had a few sleepless nights this week due to an ongoing issue with the my house. We have a solution but the means is another story. I'm just going to believe that everything will work out.

Yesterday I and my fellow workshop participants believed that my artwork will end up in the Hispanic Art section of the Smithsonian Museum. Sounds far fetched, huh? It's do-able. We went through the whole process yesterday and I can really see how to make it happen. Not today perhaps but down the road. Cool, huh? OK, now more than a few people think I've flipped out but no, all is the same but my outlook might be different. Than Monday morning rolls around again and......



  1. Looks like you had fun with Sark!!

    I hope things work out soon and you and Chicklet are okay...

  2. We're A-OK. I finally found a landscape designer to help me with the design for my front and back yards. Turns out some drainage issues were more expensive to fix than I ever imagined.

    I'm going to have to get a loan or win the lottery to be able to take care of this OR find a Sugar Daddy.
    Know of anyone? Lol...