Friday, April 17, 2009

Pure Experimentation

The Pure Experimentation online class has been pure inspiration. Been trying out some new things and adding some of my own touches. Next lesson will be posted tomorrow. Can't wait!
Here's my makeshift spray station on my back patio. I rigged it out of a big box with some strategic cuts and packing tape. I still have to cover the table. (After I scrub off the spray paint I got on it).

I have another box at work. I figured I could place it under the big exhaust fan in my kiln room and not have to worry about ventilation and fumes. Wrong! The *!#$@*!!!! exhaust fan has to be working. Since day 1 that thing works on and off even if the switch is on. Six years of bringing the issue up with district maintenance and not a thing has changed. Ugh!OK, I'm going to back track. Here's the book I bought last weekend that I used for the ideas to cut these:I used these for the portfolio covers. Two others didn't survive since they're made from regular bond paper.
Here's more that I haven't painted with yet. Hmmm, thought I made more square ones.I was asked how I'd used turquoise on the portfolio covers. I learned about these Preval Spray Guns from Jeane and I ordered some. (Google Paint Pro USA/Distributors Plus Inc. to order). I took craft store paint, mixed them with water an used them with the stencils. My ratios were off but after one try it wasn't a bad first attempt. No fumes! I can still smell the spray paint on he portfolio. Yuck! It turns out my bottles of spray paint were at work. I gathered some materials around the classroom and went to town. I limited the color palette to red, black, gray and sky blue spray paint.I kept some sheets close by and took the stencils and pressed them onto clean paper. My plan is to paint washes of color over these. Frankly, I think I like this subtle effect more.I was pleasantly surprised how well the lace stenciled.This was as far as I got. We're getting our yearly student art exhibition ready and I got way behind so now I'm busy getting all that ready with little time to play.


  1. I bought that darn book when it was only available in Japanese! LOL!! OF COURSE now it comes out in English ;)

  2. Who says I read anything? I look at the pictures! Cool book, huh? I picked it up at Paper Studio last weekend. I won't tell you what i spent at 30% off... Everything is 40% and there's sooooooo many papers i didn't buy.

  3. Marissa,
    I love this stenciling stuff. Looks so great. I assume the downloaded classes can be used later? Thinking I might sign up even though I can't do them right now. Huuuuummmmm-- if you, the art teacher is raving---!

  4. I love your work! Thank you for sharing about the spray booth, too! I've been trying to come up with something similar and I like the large box idea very much. Your stenciling work is beautiful!

  5. Super cool - this looks like so much fun!!