Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Iris" Not "Irish" Garden

I'm not the best at family traditions. It's just me and the Chicklet and sometimes it's hard to get the ball rolling when it's only the two of us with the rest of our family in other states.

One ritual we have had was visiting the Iris Farm every Spring. About 3 years ago the owners retired. Boo hoo, we were bummed. A few weeks ago I found out about a private iris garden that would be open to the public this afternoon. We went water bottles in hand. It was 15-20 degrees hotter today than it was on Friday. Whew!Van Gogh, where are you?
Oh, the colors! The Chicklet took the camera and had a blast taking pics.There were so many varieties. Reading the names of the different flowers could be pretty funny.Our last look until next year. I'm glad the Chicklet enjoyed our excursion as much as I did.

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  1. The chicklet did great with the picture taking. Tell her she has my compliments! My favorite aunt grew beautiful Iris and I fondly think of her each time I see the flower. Nice memories looking at these Iris through the chicklet's lens.