Monday, April 6, 2009

For the Birds!

I'm a happy camper. I was able to join the girls for "A Place to Nest" workshop with Leighanna Light at Frenzy Stamper yesterday. These first two are Leighanna's examples. How could I not take this class?!
It was my 3rd or 4th workshop with Leighanna and it was a blast. Could have had something to do with the good company!
It took me a bit to get in the groove. It was a crazy, busy weekend and I arrived without a birdhouse. Bird Brain! I ended up with hexagon shaped house which required a different approach. My poor, taxed brain!

Zippers egde the roof, a found clothes pin was attached to the perch. I found it in the dirt in the back yard Saturday! Bottle caps, buttons, buckles, cheap Dollar Store jewelery, tree pods, zipper pulls and a ceramic heart the Chicklet made in pre-school have all found a spot to call home. It wasn't even my "good" stash box. I left that one at work.
"Guard Kitty" is on the backside of the house. What fun. I love my house! I brought it home unfinished because I ran out of a few supplies I knew I had more of at home. Dug those out last night. Turns out I left my e-6000 elsewhere but I had a bottle of Ultimate glue at school. (Note to self-have a bottle of Ultimate Glue at home and school.) Bead boxes came out and an extreme case of horror vacui took over. I'm in heaven!
Birdhouses are on sale at the "M" store this week. I picked up a few and the Chicklet and I are going to start making one each tonight after dinner. Like I don't have pages to paint for my online classes. Yikes! So much to do but I can't wait to start another birdhouse. Oh yeah, better get to the garage and dig out some carpet tacks and small nails.

Caffeine? Sounds like I'm going thru withdrawal. Time to go find some.


  1. I love this birdhouses;-) And yes it`s spring!!! Finaly;-) Det er påske, sola skinner, snøen smelter og det er godt og være menneske;-) - igjen!!!

  2. Great job! I love the zipper idea.

  3. Wow what a fabulous fabulous bird house!

  4. Great use of the doily...and I love the bird houses!