Sunday, March 15, 2009

Here's a First!

It sounds like this is going to be my grand adventure today. I've never had to buy these kind of products except for the Gatorade. Turns out I get to drink the whole bottle of Miralax starting in awhile. I have nooooooooooooo idea what to expect. Oh no, not looking forward to this....

I hear this is the hard part and the colonoscopy I'm having tomorrow is the easy part. Been on a liquid diet all day. Good thing I'm alone because I'm hungry and getting cranky. Yeah, anything looks pretty yummy right now. Whine...whine...whine....
The Chicklet's school had a fundraiser earlier in the week. The kids' artwork was framed and exhibited in the cafeteria. Families were invited to view the work Tuesday night and buy the art with a portion going to the school.

Here's our newly acquired original art. I love the rolling hills! Now to find a special home for it!


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  1. Det ser ikke godt ut det du skal drikke...håper alt går bra med deg og at du blir raskt bra igjen ;-) Lykke til - tenker på deg !!!!!!