Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th!

Oh boy! The kids are squirrelly today. It's a 1/2 day and Valentine's goodies are being passed about. I have 2 dozen cupcakes within reach for the Chicklet's school party that I'll be headed to this afternoon.
This time last week I was the one with the ants in my pants. I took Kelly Kilmer's Wisdom book workshop at Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale. I came home with a "fabulosooooooo" book.Remember these? These are mine, all mine!!!!!! Whippea! Hooray! I found plastic lace doilies when we were antique shopping in Prescott. I had a set tucked away in my supplies to use for Kelly's class.Love, love, love the doilies as stencils, used Kelly's rubber stamps on the cover.
Did some painting on my own.In the left is painting following Kelly's prompts and to the right is the same layers of paint but over a page I had already painted. Bright vs. deeper, richer color. I like them both!We had a chance to collage a couple of pages. Collage #1. I pull all those Ralph Lauren paint adds with the paint laden paintbrushes.Found this lady in Kelly's stash. Found a great looking chicken too but it didn't quite fit on the the narrow page. He's getting "some work done" via the copy machine. Then he'll be the right fit.

It was a great class. Sat next to my buddy Gwen who I hadn't see in awhile. I hear Kelly's going to come back soon. Yea!!!! Hope I can fit a few more classes in next time.


  1. what a cool book!!! I LOVE the plastic doilies, with the stamps added!!

  2. Love your book Marissa ;-) Den er nydelig!!!! Ønsker dere en strålende helg!!!

  3. I absolutely love Kelly's classes! They're such absolute fun, and I've always come out with treasures like yours!