Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Double Digits

We had a great weekend in Prescott two weeks ago. January came to an end and a month full of high expectations began.

My best Valentine's Day gift ever can hardly be topped. It was the lifelong gift of motherhood. For ten years I've been blessed with my Chicklet. With or without a partner, Valentine's Day is always highly anticipated in our household. This year was a little extra special. The Chicklet turned double digits! Happy 10th birthday!!!!

This past year she out grew me by 1/2 a shoe size. Next year she'll be taller than me. Must be those nuclear Norwegian shrimp!



  1. Gratulerer med 10 åring ;-) Det er ikke de norske rekene som gjør at snuppa di er stor - min snuppe blir 10 i oktober og hun er minst i klassen...hihihihi

  2. I was in Norway for the first two monthes of my pregnancy. I traveled all over visiting friends and family. There was plenty of rekke to be had fresh off the boat in Bodø. We've often made jokes about the nuclear shrimp. Maybe its a special Nordlending rekke?
    Everyone in my family is short which makes the Chicklet seem even taller. She gets that from her Finnish side.

  3. Happy Birthday Chicklet!!!!! I hope it's a GREAT one!