Monday, December 29, 2008

La la la la la Latkes!

'Tis the Hanukkah season! The Chicklet made a drip board in Hebrew school to place under the Hanukkiah. All that dripping wax from the candles sure can make a mess. The drip board worked out great. We both noticed how wek could still see the pattern of the tablecloth through the drip board. We liked that!
Yummy latkes! We went into full production Friday afternoon. Out came my favorite recipe for vegatable latkes and I put the Chicklet to work with the peeling and grating. We have a yearly tradition of gathering with a group of friends for the holiday and we're in charge of the latkes. They were a hit.

We made a double batch and made a quick stop at the Vet's office and left them some too. We were there earlier in the day getting check ups for the girls. Friea is big and hairy and Carmen is old and hairy.... We're trying out new meds for her arthritic back legs. She did a good sprint this morning running after a pigeon in the yard.
Hanukkah is over for this year. I have some wax to scrape off the Hanukkiah but the electric menorah is put away. I think I have some latkes squirreled away in the fridge and another bag of potatoes we didn't use. I know what we'll be eating a lot of in the next week or two...

We're off to see Chihuly! It looks like this outside:Clear and crisp! Last week's rain cleaned up the air a lot. Have a great day!

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  1. let me know how the gardens are -- I wanna do that, too, and plan to visit there AFTER the holidays. How long were you taking pics in the garden? I can't wait to see you AND the art you produced!! Bring the pics on the 3rd, okay?