Thursday, December 25, 2008

Art and Recycling

Collage/assemblage enthusiasts, found object lovers, hunters, gatherers, tinkerers-Go see this exhibition at the Arizona Museum for Youth in Old Downtown Mesa. I read a short write up on the exhibition and I zeroed in on the picture of a sculpture made from found objects, watches, jewelery, etc.

It is the museum for youth so take your kids (or don't, there were plenty of screaming babies to go around). The Chicklet was joined by a friend and the girls kept busy with the hands on activities while I took in all the artwork. The theme of the exhibition was art made from discarded materials. Most of the artists were new to me. There's a couple I'm going to google.
OK, here's my little photogenic wonders. Once again, photography wasn't allowed in the exhibition. We took a walk across the street and visited "Betty" the elephant. Gotta love the street art along Main Street although Betty is on Robson.Have the planets aligned or was I just otherwise occupied and didn't realize how much high quality art there is to see in Phoenix? Three shows in two monthes and they're all hits, (and I'm picky). Next on the list-Phoenix Art Museum: Art of the Jumpsuit via the new light rail. Woo hoo, can't wait for a ride on our new Metro line. It opens this Sat.

It's the first week of winter and this is what it looks like:Winter in Phoenix...
I've been taking a lot of pictures of shadows lately. The distraction of colors and textures is taken away and all that's left is line and shape.


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