Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Little more Chihuly

The knobs in my house are pretty boring in comparison to these vintage knobs from Pioneer Village. A few years ago I found an accent picture in an Arizona Highway magazine of a lock on a trunk. I enlarged the image a few hundred times, copied it on a transparency and used the image in an Arizona themed book. I'll be playing with these knobs too.
More Chihuly... The colors are intense. The fluted shapes on this one are reminiscent of calla lilies.
Icey blue, shimmery, like a gorgeous sea creature.
You'll see this piece as you drive towards the parking. Maybe I need to get a better look to appreciate it. From afar, I see too much of the structure to be intrigued. Plus, the Patrick Dougherty architectural sculptures that stood here for the last year were demolished and removed. They were supposed to be in place until the elements took their toll. They looked pretty sound the last time I saw them but that was a few wind storms ago. The word is that they were no longer structurally sound. We were lucky to have had them while they were here.
See this cutie? It's a Long Eared Owl. One of the garden volunteers stood by the trail and pointed it out. It's range is Northern US and way up north in Canada. It's supposed to be rare to see here. Guess this is a real snowbird!
I wonder how long he'll stick around. I hope he's staying cool enough. It was in the mid 80's
again today!


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