Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chihuly-Part 3

These are the last of the pics of the Chihuly sculptures we saw on Sunday at the Desert Botanical Garden. Entering the garden, as we approached the ticket booths we saw this installation in progress.
Box after box was filled with pieces to be added. We were told each box held 36 of these yellow pieces.
They had a whole role of the red "empty" tape. Ummm, yummy....The things we're attracted to......
Imagine being the person in charge of shipping!
The Chicklet got to touch one of these just before it was put in place. OOOOOOhhhhhh........
This monarch butterfly-to-be was less than phased by all the art. It was munching away in the herb garden.
Lots of hanging sculptures in the succulent houses. I'm looking forward to getting much closer to the green, mercury "bulb-ish" looking sculpture in the background in the photo above.

Melons? Breasts? Grapes??? The inspiration is definitely organic.

I received my Art Unraveled Technique Chunky Book pages today. WOW! Only one left me scratching my head because it looked incomplete but it was still beautiful. About 3 of them were watercolored. Thinking of those watercolors and these Chihuly sculptures, what wonderful way to document this show.

I'll share some of the chunky pages in a day or two.


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